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About Me

I have been given many gifts. Too many to count really. But like any gifts you recieve, there are certain ones that bring you the most joy - the ones that light you up like a kid at Christmas.


Healing, as it turns out, is my favorite of all. 


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I dedicated the last 13 years of my life to help bodies in need of restoration. But, what is a body without the mind, heart and soul within? 


What I discovered was that, just like the physical body can heal under the right conditions, the mental and emotional body can heal just as fully when given the recognition, love and attention it needs. So I became a Subconscious Mind Coach and Quantam Healer.


Same gift, same purpose, same joy. 

New skills. 

I’m beyond excited to share them with you.


“In the middle of an emotional transition, Sarah guided me through a guided meditation which gave me access to the joy and peace I have within me. Her guidance empowered me to face this life altering moment of saying goodbye to my childhood home and memories, and embrace the new beginning I was creating with play and love. An empowering experience.”

David M.