If you have never been to SEDONA, AZ, I am here to tell you it is all the hype and more. Unless of course you’re not into the most spectacular scenery of red rock kissing the infinite blue turned cotton candy skies at sunset.

Over 7 short months, I have visited Sedona on 4 separate occasions….and I live in Erie, PA….2,100 miles away.

But this is not just another blog post about the seemingly most magical place on earth.

This is a glimpse into my personal awakening, and a story about love.

In May of 2020, I, like countless other furloughed individuals, had just enough time on my hands to really start scrutinizing my life up to that point. The pandemic, although it never affected me physically, was a real pain in the ass to my psyche.

By most accounts, I lived a great life. At the time, I had a five going on fifteen year old, a threenager, and a not that terrible two year old taking up residence with me and my husband in the gorgeous home we built in a quaint town on a small lake.

I had much to be grateful for.

But as I took inventory of my life and all the things I had accumulated to that point, I couldn’t help the feeling that I was missing something.

Turns out it was me.

I was still there in part, but I was merely a fraction of the fierce little girl I once embodied and the empowered woman I now am. I was buried so deep under layers of the makeup and masks I wore to please everybody else that I barely recognized myself.

My story is not all that unique in theme. You fake it til you make it. You rise to every expectation (or at least exhaust yourself trying). You say what you think they want you to say and you do what you think they want you to do. You stuff yourself into the tiny boxes you are given and instead of growing, it feels like you shrink!

Admittedly, I at first felt like a victim of my own life. Helpless and hopeless.

But then, I spotted the fire within.

I decided to book a solo self discovery trip to (obviously) Sedona. Honestly, all I can tell you is that I heard it was pretty there and I loved the song “Sedona" by Houndmouth. It was on every one of my playlists and so it seemed fitting to visit the city of my self-proclaimed “anthem”. You must know that this was a HUGE step for me that took some mustering of that wild, fiery courage within because I had never even once considered willingly going to a movie or dinner out alone. And I was about to fly across the country by myself…and rent a car....and check into a hotel….by myself.

The details of my departure/arrival and stay were in place. I chose the Arabella in Sedona, because of their “just right” amenities, their rates and their stunning views. But mostly because of my aforementioned and favorite song by Houndmouth. Lyrics include “right smack on top Sedona Arabelle”. It was a sign for sure.

Beyond that my plans were pretty loose, just the way I like them. I would hike, explore, read, journal, yoga, meditate….all on my own terms and timeline.

But as my trip came near, I felt a nudge to take this time away more seriously. My soul was begging for attention and passively absorbing the medicine Sedona offers was not going to cut it. I needed to do some deep healing work. And what better opportunity was I going to have?

In a typical procrastinatory scramble, I searched “healing in Sedona” on google. The results were innumerable and I am easy to overwhelm. But one site in particular was drawing me in.

Words like “healing” and “inner peace” captured my eye and I began to daydream of surrendering my troubles to the loving arms of another person. A professional in the healing arts. One whose purpose is to help me unpack the burdens of life, and allow me to rest, breathe and let go for a moment in time.

But as I began to scour the menu, and the offerings are many, I found myself emotionally indulging in every possible service. They all sounded like what I needed, because I had absolutely zero clarity on what I needed. Taking care of my own needs was so foreign that I could not be trusted to make the right choice.

Thank the universe for Brheana. Honestly and truly, this woman is a gift. I will never forget the day she called. She asked me about ME. She did not ask me what I was looking for or what modalities I was interested in. Although I did share that hypnotherapy was high on my list of wants. She simply asked about ME.

There was no hiding my mom hood during our conversation. I was frequently distracted by the whims and whines of my then 5, 3 and 2 year old. My attention was divided as was typical. My imminent goals were to:

A. Book the perfect healing session (or 2… or 3… or 4)


B. Keep my kids from drowning in the inground swimming pool

But Brheana seemed to see past all of the chaos with which I was clearly consumed. She somehow managed, during a 10 minute conversation, to connect deeply with my soul and highest good. She then masterfully and intentionally prescribed 3 sessions.

  1. Self-Love Hypnosis

  2. Medicine Wheel Empowerment

  3. Soul Journey Massage

I plan to write in further detail and at a later date how each of these touched my inmost being, but in the meantime there are full descriptions at I have since returned to experience Shamanic Soul Clearing and Illuminating Your Gifts

And as for Brheana, I later came to find out that the calm voice of compassion I spoke with by the swimming pool was indeed that of the owner. So humble, so kind and so deeply intuitive, I am forever grateful to her for hearing me, seeing me, and providing the guidance I needed to truly hear, see and love myself.

I said it at the top of this post and I mean it. I have never experienced such a radical and transformative shift in perspective. Somehow the meaning of life came sharply into focus and I was launched on a new and exciting trajectory. It is called Sedona SELF LOVE Retreats because that is exactly what you walk away with. A gift that you can take with you always.

I urge you to go and see and explore the vast expanse of Sedona and treat your soul to some love.

Sarah Bailey

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