1 on 1 Coaching

This is your all inclusive experience. We'll break down every service listed and find a custom schedule that fits the abundance of your life!

Quantam Timeline Healing

A powerful and transformative healing experience. Through meditation, we access your past and create radical shifts in your perception and portrayal of key memories.  

More than a Mom

We are so much MORE than just Moms! We are a community of woke women; committed to reinvigorating our brilliant minds, our beautiful bodies, our wild hearts and free spirits. This program and community gives you all the tools you need to reclaim all of it.

Trigger Release     Therapy

Remove and replace the root cause of your “triggers”. Regain control over the people, places or circumstances that radically shift your mood and mindset.

Digital Community

Access to our community of incredible moms and families. Find additional digital support, courses and complimentary resources.

Unwanted Behavior Reframing

Review the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you "stuck." In these sessions we reframe the hidden power of these behaviors and break free to a better you.

Why I Started Soul Concierge

Shortly after my awakening, I felt an overwhelming necessity to expand. Never before had I gone to see a movie alone, let alone a trip across the country! The push was to get the hell out of my comfort zone. The pull was to Sedona, AZ. 


My experience there was deeply transformative. 


I received the most incredible healing practices and tapped into my intuition like never before.

I ascended to new heights amid red rocks and experienced the indescribable beauty of creation.

I connected with myself on the deepest of levels mentally, physically and spiritually.  


This new found love of self inspired me to share as much as I possibly can with others. It is my belief that all people have the ability to transcend their current life situations by first surrendering and then following their inner guidance through action. 


Soul Concierge was born out of love for people and the compassionate recognition that the very action we need to take is often the most fear provoking.  It is my desire to help guide you through this process by providing access to soulful and transformative experiences. 


Not in the position to travel? Nothing to fear. Often, the most abundant and meaningful experiences happen right in your own home. Within you, there is much to explore.